About Me

I love software engineering because it involves piecing together systems and designing simple and elegant solutions. I've always taken pleasure in programming and the problem solving that is required to do it - at work and as a hobby. I'm attracted to the development challenges involved in building video games. This inspires me to try to do it in my spare time. You will notice that most of my projects and demonstrations on this website are game related. I actually hope to someday release a simple yet enjoyable game to the open source community. Please keep in mind though, that I am open to working in any venue or type of software development in the work setting. It is my belief that the design and programming concepts learned from studying video game development as a hobby will help me be successful in whatever type of software projects I am involved with in the future.

I currently use Ubuntu Linux for my personal computer. It's my preferred operating system. I don't duel boot or anything like that, but get all my Windows applications to run via WINE. Because I run Linux, I'm well acquainted with the open source community; I hope to get a chance to give back by contributing my own work someday.

I have been told that I have excellent interpersonal skills and often find myself in the "organizer" role socially. Organizing LAN parties is one favorite social outlet of mine, combining a weakness for video gaming with enjoyment of friends and a bit of leadership thrown in too. Although I am able to interact well with anyone, the most stimulating and valued relationships are with other software professionals because of the rigorous exchange of ideas, techniques and information in our exciting field. I enjoy spending time outdoors too. Keeping physically fit is important to me. I like to do exercise walks, bike, swim, and canoe. I also play piano, but only as a pastime.


Well for starters, I was born and raised in Hudson, Wisconsin. It is a small town next to the St. Croix River about 35 miles from Minneapolis, Minnesota. My mother (Roxann Hanson) had a career as a Human Resources Manager and my father (Dean K. Hanson) was self employed as a designer/contractor. I lived out my childhood in Hudson until just before middle school when it was decided that my family would move to Key Largo, Florida. Living there for five years had a great impact on me educationally. I studied Ti Kwon Do, Piano, and learned to live in an entirely different ecosystem (we had a wild Great White Heron living in our back yard named "Bob"). There my mother recognized my talent in computer programming at age 11 and took me to visit the University of Miami's software engineering department head. I demonstrated my QBASIC programs in their computer lab and he encouraged me to continue my independent work since there were no formal programs offered in school at that time for someone with my interests. I couldn't wait to get to college to study with other people who had the same interest as I did.

The family returned to Hudson and later, in 2004, I graduated from Hudson High School with a half-completed CIS/PA (Computer Information Services/Programmer Analyst) degree from Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College. I stopped attending WITC due to the fact that it was in combination with high school and it was obvious that I was capable of pursuing a degree in Software Engineering.

In the spring of 2009 I graduated from UW-Platteville with a degree in Software Engineering with an emphasis in Embedded Systems along with a Mathematics Minor. That brings us to the present where now I am seeking full-time employment in the field of Software Engineering.